Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Romance - Holiday Wedding

Well I really got into the Holiday spirit this year. I was honoured to attend the most incredible wedding I have ever been to - A Holiday Wedding for a niece the week before Christmas. It was spectacular!!

The reception was held at the Eglinton Grand in Toronto and WOW!! Very hollywood glam... Formerly The Eglinton Theatre, this historic landmark has been restored to its original 1937 grandeur! Holding true to its art deco d├ęcor, The Eglinton Grand is adorned with rich woods including mahogany and ebony, elegant marble, beautiful wainscoting and period furniture.
This venue recaptures the elegant design and sophistication of a majestic facility .
The balcony level has been recreated into a swank cocktail lounge. One level down, a spectacular ballroom - dining and dancing - evokes the romance of the old movies of days gone by.

They had the most elegant decor in the colors of their wedding - white, black and red. You really felt that you were back in the 30's hollywood glamour from the moment you entered the venue. Very classy event with fab food, great entertainment and of course the most beautiful bride and handsome groom. The did their first dance together all alone on the dance floor amid millions (ok not millions) but lots of twinkling lights and candles. All of the guests were up on the balcony level enjoying cocktails when the curtains were drawn and pouf! there they were below us looking magnificent. During their dance a video of their day was playing on the large movie screens which made it all the more like a fantasy. Well done Cara and Evangelos! So glad I could be part of your special day.

For a decorator this was like being in a candy store - so much to see and admire. The tables were decorated with black velvet burn out fabric, white with a 2' tall slender square vase filled with red berries, black branches with tiny white flowers and palm branches. The head table had black velvet skirting along the front and the attendants assembled their red rose ball bouquets along the edge - quite incredible.
I wanted to take it all in. I didn't want to leave!!

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