Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Feeling Floored? - Let's Talk Flooring"

Last evening there were a group of local decorators, members of CDECA who attended a very informative presentation by Carl French, of Speers Road Broadloom , which also stocks a fabulous array of tile, wood flooring, area carpets, ceramic and so on.  There is always something new to learn about and one of a decorator's responsibilities is to keep up to date on new  products and technologies so they can pass on this information to their clients.  Carl was gracious enough to speak to our group for going on 3 hours and gave us much to think about.  This was like taking an updated course on floorings in that he explained different labels and ratings listed, which are very important especially when we are looking at the "green" issue.  Speers Road Broadloom is definitely a leader in the field in that they are members of many different advisory councils, as well as being one of the few dealers across Canada to be able to offer specific products, one in particular label - the Disney line.  Excellent service, the top brands, extremely knowledgeable staff and conections with the best installers make Speers Road Broadloom  an obvious choice for your flooring needs.   Here are a few pictures of some of their products from their showroom .....

Flooring Presentation by Carl French

Fabulous cork  
More cork

Oh, the beauty of wood!
Samples of some of the many beautiful wood floorings available

Multi toned wood flooring

 Sample of Wood Flooring with inlays around perimeter - There are other styles so you can have a very unique design

Now here's something special - it looks and feels like a ceramic/stone flooring but is not.  It is a vinyl tile that can be applied on top of current flooring such as ceramic, wood, etc.  It is attached to a special paper liner and then just laid on top of the current floor which means it could actually be removed easily in order to make repairs (if necessary) .  It then has a thin grout applied which again, makes this even more like ceramic.  It has another characteristic in that is is slightly flexible which means you can use this on floors that are not entirely level and you do not have to build a new sub-floor.  This tile is perfect in areas where you do not want to remove the old tile.

Even though we are featuring flooring materials, I couldn't resist a picture of these lovely stone wall tiles....

... and these glass tiles

A contemporary Area Carpet
Love this one! 
 Nice traditional Area Carpet
 and of course.... the softness of Broadloom.  Available in many colours, textures, fibres and eco conscious etc, etc.....
How about this fab "Shag" style carpet, it's much nicer and better made that what we had in the 70's

Dale Hickinson, beside a display of luxe Ralph Lauren carpeting which is much nicer in person that this photo.  Dale was on hand at the presentation and was responsible for our wonderful "goodie" bags full on wonderful flooring information and "chocolate".  Dale knows what we love!

Thanks again Carl and Dale for a very informative evening.

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