Sunday, February 14, 2010

The "Mighty Shower" renovation..... Completed!!

Hooray for great installers!!  I have the best people that I work with and was lucky enough to get them to work on my shower reno.  As mentioned in an earlier post it was a total disaster and the before pictures were just too horrible to show publicly.  The old saying about the shoemaker's kids having no shoes actually seems to be true of other professions like mine.  I should have had this shower done a year ago but just kept putting it off as I wasn't ready for the upheavel of gutting it and the subsequent mess.  Well it was completed in an amazing time frame and the upheavel was minimal as was the mess mostly due to the meticulous trades I had here.  Vince you and George are the greatest.  Thanks you so much for my lovely new shower!!
If you want tradespeople who have integrity, are fair and take pride in their work contact me and I will put you in touch with mine.

I am remiss in not showing the "after" photos yet, however the door was on order so I am waiting until it is installed.

"Before Photo"  A total tear down right back to the studs and below the flooring as it was discovered that the drain pipe was full of concrete from the original installation and could soon back up and cause damage.  Talk about people who are detailed in their work.!

My old shower
"After Pictures to follow".....

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