Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's Go To The Movies Again....

Oh how I love to check out fabulous decorating!  The movies have some of the very best set designs you will see.   They usually have decent budgets, many sources and talented designers/decorators to pull it all together.  We can dream and get great ideas from these sets to interpret into our own homes. I know I have been down this road a couple of times previously with some of my favorites but here I go again....

By now everybody has heard about the incredibly funny movie "It's Complicated" and once again a great set design by Nancy Meyers.  The home of the lead female character, played by Meryl Streep is a little eclectic yet comfy/casual.  This home is cozy and has a "lived in" look that is so relaxing.  You just want to drop in and have a glass of wine there!

One old favourite for anybody who loves Traditional Design is the
"Father of the Bride Movie(s)"
And of course "Franck" designed the most elaborate Nurseries

Another great set design was the movie "The Nanny Diaries"

Outside Hallway
Interior Hallway looking into Living Room
Living Room
Another great kitchen - I love kitchens even though I don't cook.
Very elegant traditional bedroom

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Red, White & Drunk all over.... (This is the title of a wine book by Natalie MacLean)

Yes, you guessed it.  I am talking about one of my favourite beverages - wine!  I am no connoisseur but know what I like and enjoy drinking it.  I do happen to be married to a connoisseur so that does help!  If you are interested in more wine info regarding storage  please visit Oakville Wine Cellars,  My own personal wine connoisseur suggests that you also follow Natalie MacLean as she has incredible knowledge,   The important thing about wine is the storage and here is where a little decorating advice comes in.  When we renovate our kitchens, or purchase a new home we feel really on trend if we add that "built in" wine rack somewhere, perhaps over the refrigerator or some such place in the kitchen.  Well..... if you didn't know it before, I am telling you that is just not a nice way to treat your wine.  You must keep wine in a dark place, with consistent temperature, hence the kitchen is the absolute worst place to store your precious wines.  It is sunny, with varying temperatures and humidity levels from cooking, etc.

Wine is best stored in a cool, dark place, however if you really want to showcase your stock, be kind to the wine and purchase a nice wine cooler.  They come in many different styles, sizes, shapes and price points.  Many have a dual control for both red and white wines.  And... yes red wine can be kept a little cool, just not as cold as white.  When you remove it for drinking it is always a good idea to decant the reds for better flavour.

Below are a few samples of how to store your wine - everything from a simple wine rack to a wine cooler which can be installed anywhere (even the kitchen) as long as it is not in direct sunlight and then the ultimate -a complete wine cellar.  How devine!