Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summertime and the livin is easy.....

There really was a song by that name, and now that I mention it, I am really dating myself.  Oh well...

We missed summer last year and for most of the previous year so this year I had a lot of hope running on it.  We have had a variety of weather - hot, rainy, hot again and so on.  Enjoying the outdoors is all part of what we do here for those precious few months that we can, and having a nice space in which to enjoy the summer months is paramount.  Outdoor decorating has really evolved from the days of my youth.  No more the portable round grill with briquettes and a couple of folding web chairs sitting in the back yard.  We now have rooms created within our outdoor spaces with areas for relaxing, sunning, dining and so forth.
Covered areas to keep out the strong rays are a must as is good seating.  Some of the more elaborate gardens sport "cooking areas", water features and fire features.

Our outside spaces are now being co-ordinated to the style of the home as well as the interior decor.  There are so many looks around.  Let's see some of them.....

My own spot for relaxing!
and dining....

'Wine 101'

Here I am back on one of my favourite!

The GTA West Chapter of CDECA closed off the year with a wine tasting and information evening which covered everything from what food to serve with what type of wine through to proper storage and serving temperatures. 

My husband, Allan offered to share information on how to design for wine storage and covered different options ranging from simple racking up to amazing wine cellars.  Allan Wisby, Certified WSET Consultant, and owner of Oakville Wine Cellars  also consults on creating custom Wine Storage options and is currently working with a colleague to import wines from different countries that cannot be purchased here in Canada through LCBO.  Excellent for collectors as well as gift giving.

To enhance our enjoyment of "wine 101" we were treated to extremely tasty food selections.  Paring food with the correct type of food makes all the difference in whether it is enjoyable or not so much!

Everyone went home with detailed and  informative packages on all aspects of wine, including some of his own recipes.  (he cooks too!)  To end off the evening there were several draws for wine items - we all love the chance to win something.

Once again, here I am writing about how we are fortunate to enjoy refreshments while learning.  I love this business!!

A great evening was had by all in attendance.  Thanks Allan..

The Wine Master - my hubby, Allan