Friday, September 3, 2010

Debbie Travis supports Walls of Hope in her new series "All for One"

This past spring, Debbie Travis challenged different communities across Canada to step up to the plate and honor their hometown heroes. These are the people who are the glue of a community. The go-to people. The folks that make the place we live, well, just better. All For One is a heady mix of construction, decorating, family, friends and most of all community. It is about an entire neighbourhood coming together. It is modern day ‘barn raising’.  The "hero" selected from Oakville was a lovely woman, Sera Mansueto who is the person who started helping others and started Walls of Hope.

Founded in 2005, Walls of Hope has already helped the lives of 10 families. We believe that through home transformations we can create an environment that will inspire and create a home atmosphere that does not reflect the hard circumstances a family has fallen into. We have witnessed this philosophy work!!!!

Walls of Hope looks for families who have fallen on hard times, through no fault of their own, and are truly trying to change their lives for the better. We prefer to work with famlies with children as they are the innocent ones.

A colleague of mine, Linda Graydon is very involved in this charitable foundation called "Walls of Hope". I felt this was something I would like to be involved in so I mentioned to her "count me in".  The project we were involved in was right here in Oakville where Debbie re-designed several rooms in the home of the woman who started Walls of Hope way back.  She is always helping others and not taking any time for herself or her own home so...... Debbie along with many people from Walls of Hope and neighbours, friends, etc jumped in and took over this house for 5 days to create something really special and it was done while Sera, the owner was away so when she returned home she in for a huge surprise.  So glad she loved what was done!!  It really looked splendid.  Photos of the home are below.

All For One with Debbie Travis launches 26th of September at 9:00 pm on CBC Television.  The home in Oakville will be aired October 31.  If you miss it go to and have a look

Below are some photos to show just a "few" of the many people who helped make this such a success and are courtesy of Karen Hubert.!!

Debbie and a couple of Walls of Hope members create gorgeous lampshades.

Another great idea to raise money for Walls of Hope was the creation of a calendar of some of the great men who worked on this project along with a "ladies only" evening at Oliver & Bonacini where these great guys  strutted their stuff on the "catwalk" and were auctioned off.  They volunteered 4 hours of their personal expertise to the lucky ladies who bid the highest and all of the money raised goes directly to help Walls of Hope help others.  What a great idea!!

Debbie announcing the Walls of Hope "Studs" to be auctioned off.

A quick peek at what you missed! (photo courtesy of Audrey Madconald)

p.s.  The first printing of the calendars sold out, but there will be more coming...

Here are some of the photos of rooms we worked on
Daughter's Room
Another Daughter's Room
Master Bedroom

New Office for Walls of Hope

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