Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Everyone loves a fireplace.  It is one of the most requested items on most people's "wish list" when purchasing a home or renovating the one they already have.  There are many types of fireplaces these days, everything from the traditional wood burning, a gas insert, and now the Ecosmart™ Burner fuelled by Denatured Ethanol, which has become increasingly populara.   The styling can be anything from a country style field stone right through to a contemporary metal frame hung on a wall with rocks rather than the usual logs.   These days even electric fireplaces have come a long way and offer the opportunity for everyone to have the look no matter where they want to place it.  A fireplace conjures up the feeling of warm, cozy, relaxed but can also give off a luxe vibe or that of romance.  Don't we all imagine how romantic it would be to have an intimate dinner for two and some wine by the fire.  Or what about just relaxing with a good book and hot chocolate on a wintry day.....

Here are some great fireplace designs.....

We even have fireplaces outside now!

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