Monday, December 13, 2010

Kingsway House Tour

WOW!!  These homes are spectacular even before the Christmas Decorating takes place, but after the decorating they are magical.  Each year many cities, towns, neighbourhoods etc put on Christmas House Tours in order to raise money for a particular charity.  I have been to many over the years and last year attended the Christmas House Tour in Lewiston N.Y.  They are always done very nice but my favourite is still the Kingsway Christmas House Tour.

I have a friend who lives in the area and she is very involved in this event through her church.   The Kingsway Christmas House Tour is a signature event for the Canadian Cancer Society and held every two years. Several beautiful homes are decked out for the holiday season by talented local florists and professional decorators who have volunteered their time and expertise to show the very best the season has to offer.

I have assisted her by acting as one of the monitors required in each home for a few years now and always enjoy meeting and talking with the many people who come through.  We always  view the other homes prior to taking up our post at the home we are volunteering at.  This year I volunteered and viewed the lovely homes even though I was still wearing my "air cast".  Nothing can stop me when there are gorgeous homes to see. 

There are no photographs allowed which respects the privacy of the owners who are generous enough to let hundreds of people walk through their homes in the first place. I do have some photos to share though, which are courtesy of the Canadian Cancer Society/Kingsway House Tour.  please note these photos may include previous years

Currently in its 11th year, this self-guided tour has become a beloved community tradition in the Kingsway neighbourhood. A tea room on the tour route has light refreshments and delightful holiday entertainment.

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