Monday, December 13, 2010

The Painters' Place - Oakville

Pretty much everyone who lives in Oakville and surrounding areas and has purchased Benjamin Moore paint knows the Painters Place also known as "Tom's Place" at the corner of Neyagawa and Dundas.  They have great products and also carry other paint brands, wallpaper and decor items.  The staff are extremely knowledgeable and incredibly helpful.  You couldn't ask for better service.

Tom and staff have had a couple of "design" nights that I have attended, where the focus is on topics of interest to consumers as well as decorators & designers.

I recently attended an event where the topic was "updating kitchens and bathrooms inexpensively".  There were a couple of presentations; one from Bath Fitter and the other from Custom Resurfacing Solutions Inc (CRS) Design.  Bath Fitter is a product whereby you can cover your old bathtub, walls and ceiling if you are not wanting the disorder and chaos of a complete "tear out" but want to update the space.  Bathfitter  has really come a long way from years gone by.... They have some great "tile" look-alike finishes for the walls; some with texture some with a border inset look.  Of course they also offer the built in soap holders.  There are many different styles of the actual tub apron.  Maybe you need a shower update - they also offer this service and glass doors of many different styles and sizes. They can do wonders !

CRS Design offers a product made from granite and quartz that goes over existing laminate or any older countertop.  It definitely is more cost efficient than removing the entire countertop and installing thick granite.  This product gives the high end look at a fraction of the cost.  What a great idea if you just want to do a little updating and do not plan on removing cabinets or changing the kitchen foot print.

To complete the evening, Tom spoke about the newest Benjamin Moore product line - Kabinet Coat which has replaced Melamine.  It gives a nicer finish and is eco friendly.  The durability is excellent for painting kitchen & bath cabinets and furniture.  The only proviso is that it must be in lighter colours.  If you are planning on a dark shade then Tom says go for Aura Satin.

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