Monday, December 13, 2010

SOFA and Jane Lockhart

SOFA - Source of Furniture and Accessories - located in the International Centre is a great place to visit when you are sourcing just about anything for Interior Decor.  This is a trade only resource centre, however bringing clients to this location is a great way to promote excitement when they see everything available.  SOFA is a huge space with many vendors and they often host seminars and new showroom openings.  The seminars are presented by knowledgeable speakers and are very in depth and offer detailed product knowledge.  I recently attended a Fabric, Window & Wall Coverings Vendor Showcase event which presented all of the newest offerings from 20 vendors.  What a great opportunity to see so many great products in one location.  Very time efficient.  Following this we listened to the guest speaker - Jane Lockhart who everybody knows from "Colour Confidential".  I had attended one of Jane's seminars in the past and knew this would be worthwhile to attend and it was.  She is a very knowledgeable designer as well as a pleasant speaker with a sense of humour.  She spoke about everything to do with textiles and the importance they play in designing spaces.
Following her presentation everyone, including yours truly wanted to have the photo with her.

 Here I am with Jane - one of my first ventures out after the accident!

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