Friday, April 1, 2011

DABBLE, daBBLE, DAbble......

It's the newest on-line magazine which focuses on design, architecture and food.   Kimberly Seldon and staff have a great new magazine and from reading the first issue it is sure to be a success!!  Dabble held their launch party at Elte in Toronto last Thursday, March 24.  This party was the place to be and be seen.  Such an amazing turnout of support.  It seemed that everyone was there - from celebrity decorators, designers, the Cityline and Benjmain Moore celebs and everybody in between.  It was like no other event that I have been to recently, and I go to many events, as you know from reading this blog.  There was great food and beverages - wine, water and vodka and of course some amazing draws.  It was so crowded that you just had to laugh and have fun.  I was enjoying myself  so much that I didn't take many photos.  Oh well, the main thing is that we all had a great time. 
The Dabble photographer were taking photos of anyone what wanted and of course I went for it and may appear on the pages of Dabble sometime in future.

Kimberly Seldon welcoming everyone to the party.

As you can see my photography skills need some refinement and consistency.  Oh well you get the picture (no pun) I am a decorator not a photographer, my daughter takes on that role.....

Tons of people mingling and enjoying themselves

I promise I will practice and get better at taking photos

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