Monday, June 20, 2011

Spring has sprung.....

I think it is here - Yes not only has spring sprung but we are now entering Summer.....

You can see by the way we walk with a lift in our gait and a smile on our faces.  Yes it is finally here and the birds are tweeting, and the flowers are trying to emerge.  So let's get out there and enjoy!  After the long winter we all want to be outdoors and cherish the time we have to enjoy our short lived warm weather.  Why not make it a pleasing place to be.   The transition from inside to outside should be simple and coordinated.  We often bring the outside in so why not take the inside out.

Having a comfy and functional outdoor space is quite simple and not all that expensive.  There are so many choices for every price point.


 The first thing one should do is to take a good look at your outdoor space and decide how you want to use it.  Do you want a cooking/dining area; or perhaps a place to sit and lounge?  When you have made that decision, you then purchase the appropriate furniture and some king of sun protection, be it an umbrella, gazebo awning or whatever. 
Covered spaces.....

Outdoor Kitchens.....

Accessorizing your outdoor space can be so much fun and this is where you can go a little wild and try things you may not be ready to do inside. This is where you add some interest.  You can be starting fresh or simply adding to what you already own.  The accessories are what really finish the space and can be the most inexpensive way of refreshing your décor.
You can go for the bright colours for a fun look; or go with natural colours for a calm look.  There are so many options.
Throw cushions are a great way to add some colour and the fabrics that are intended for outdoor use these days are fabulous.  There are so many patterns to choose from.  It is also a good idea to add a throw for cool evenings.
Dinnerware is another way to add some colour and fun to your space.  The great acrylic pieces are so much nicer than paper, and much more eco-friendly.

Garden décor such as ponds, fountains, statues and sculpture create drama not to mention the relaxing mood while listening to the trickling water.  Outdoor art and mirrors really add some interest and can make the space appear as a continuation of your indoor space.

Fireplaces, pits and outdoor heaters are another way of increasing your use of the short lived summer season.

Of course lighting is a major piece of this plan – lanterns, garden lights, candles all add to the complete picture.
The final and most important part of our outdoor spaces is the plants – whether you are living with a large garden or with a small balcony, you can have many wonderful bushes, flowers and trees all displayed throughout your space.
When planning and creating your outdoor haven, using colours and a style that is similar to your inside décor will give you a cohesive look.  Also important is to keep in mind the style of your home when selecting your furniture and accessories.  Generally extremely ultra-modern would work better with a contemporary style house while more traditional would work with an older style home.
So….. Get out there and have a wonderful summer!

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