Thursday, August 18, 2011

For the Love of Design and Decor and those who do it....

I am so passionate about design and decor.  I always enjoy meeting the people who have been at it longer than I have and who are well known in the industry.  Whenever I have the chance I usually introduce myself and if I have a camera with me I get a photo.  I find they are all incredibly friendly and do not mind taking the time to stop and chat with people. I have had the opportunity of meeting several of our great designers and maybe again in future I will run into them again and get their photos for my little album.

Here are a few I have met and had the opportunity to take their photos.......
I call it my Wall of Stars
Glen Peloso at the Brentwood Designer Night 2010
Colin and Justin Spring 2010
Leigh-Ann Allaire-Perrault at the an Event hosted by "The Painter's Place" in Oakville presenting Benjamin Moore
Kimberly Seldon at Brentwood 2011
Suzzanne Dimma from Canadian House & Home at IDS 2011
 Steven & Chris at IDS 2011

Alfred Sung who was gracious enough to offer me a chair in his set at IDS when I was so tired.
Steven & Chris at their Show in March 2011
Ramsin Khachi at SOFA October 2011

There are more great designers and decorators I have met but forgot to get the photos.  They all seem to be so gracious in letting us pose with them

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