Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kimberly Seldon & Maryisa Czsarski

For anyone who has had the pleasure of attending a seminar with Kimberly Seldon, you know how entertaining and humorous she can be in getting across her messages.  Well Thursday evening was a stand up comedy routine with Kim and Maryisa entertaining and educating us in business practices, hosted at the Decorating Centre in Burlington.  I can't begin to describe it but the entire 150 attendees spent a couple of hours having so much fun learning and we were literally laughing until our sides hurt.  The two of them together were something else.  You would think they were performing together on a regular basis.  Having heard Kim solo, she is quite the funny lady indeed and if she ever tires of Design, she could definitely make a good living in comedy.  All that being said, they both had a ton of very excellent advice and knowledge they imparted to us.  We all took away some great ideas for our own businesses.

Now I really will think twice about my business of Decorating and keep in mind the business plan a hooker has and how well they do in comparison. (just an inside joke of Kim's - you had to be there).
I was having such a great time that my photos are not up to their usual standards.....

A lot to be learned from those ladies!  

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