Monday, November 14, 2011


If you haven't had a chance to catch the new TV Show 'REVENGE' you must tune in during re-runs.  This has been stated to be one of the best new shows of the season.  It is somewhat reminescent of nighttime soaps of earlier years like Dynasty, Knots Landing and Dallas .  This show is a look into the fantasy life of the rich and powerful, set in the East Hampton's, but actually shot in North Carolina.  The theme is clear from the title.  We have Emily returning to the place she grew up and where her father was destroyed and we have the many other people involved in that, most especially the Grayson family headed up by Victoria Grayson.  The tables have been turned on those rich and powerful people and Emily, in a calculating manner, is destroying them one by one.  One of the main reasons I love this show is the set design.  Take a look.......

Emily's Beach House which is a very casual space
 Emily's porch

The Grayson Mansion
  Grayson Living Room

 A close knockoff of Victoria's chair found at
Victoria's Washroom 
 Grayson Kitchen
 Grayson Entrance Foyer

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