Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Titanic and all it's luxury

Well we just recently passed the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Great Luxury Ship 'The Titanic', and what a devastating tragedy it was.  Television and Newspapers seemed to cover every
single detail of the event and now the movie is being being re-released in 3D.  I remembered how gorgeous the sets were in that movie, at least in the first class area so I went searching for photos of the original Titanic and here they are....

The famous Grand Staircase where Kate and Leo made quite a statement


A photo of the original Grand Staircase 
The original Main 1st Class Dining Room  
Veranda - Palm Court
 Parisian Cafe
The famous Promenade Deck
A few samples of first class rooms

 A de luxe first class room

Smoking Room for the Men
Another version of the Smoking Room
 They even had a gym on this ship,
 The Barber Shop
  Not to be outdone by the men having a smoking room, the women had their own room where they read and listened to music.
 Staircase to the 2nd Class area
 A Room for 3rd Class Passengers
  Upper Deck with the life boats
 Some of the original china that was recovered.

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