Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Well anyone who knows me well, knows I seem to have a lot of issues with my technology.  My Internet and computer seem to be having a lot of bad days and are always sick, or so it seems.  Recently I had an issue of synchronizing my computer to my blackberry.  It had worked in the past but for some reason it wasn't in the mood to cooperate now, so I spend hours trying to figure out what was the matter.  I really wanted to solve this myself, but alas after no success I had to ask my hubby and he is usually quite expert at these things, but he had no luck either.  We were stumped so the next day I called the computer shop I go to and they said bring it in now, it is a 5 minute process.  I was delighted but felt a little at odds that if it was so simple why couldn't I fix it??? Well a full afternoon later, yup it wasn't the 5 minute process, I now have my computer and blackberry back home and synced!! Many thanks to Cheng who was determined to find out what the issue was and who stayed late to get it done.  Talk about super excellent service!!  He did explain what it was and as usual is was some problem with RIM software not being comparable and up to date for the newer version of windows on my computer.

Ok, I am a happy person and think things are going good with the old PC and then Wham!! I download an update for my adobe that 'comes a callin' and usually it does it's thing and the computer has to be shut down and restarts.  It didn't this time and instead I get a horrible message on a totally black screen and for over an hour I try to restart the thing to no success.  So once again I am on the phone to my great PC Shop and Cheng, (the other great IT guy there) tells me to bring it in right away and when he sees it he says it could mean the hard drive is shot.  I panic.  He does a little something and it is up and running.  Big hug to Cheng.  I get home later that evening and guess what - that horrible message appears again.   Now I really think I must put a curse on computers.  My talented daughter who seems to know her way a round computers quite well is visiting this particular night and she goes to work and fixes it and explains why it happened, etc, etc to which I am so grateful.  More Hugs and this time Kisses to Meg as well. 

Soooo if anyone wants an excellent computer Shop, then contact Dave or Cheng at  PC Shop Computers, 579 Kerr St., Oakville, 905-844-2113.  They offer excellent service, pricing and are incredibly smart to boot!! 

Sorry but Meg is not working on anybody else's computers, just her mom's as she is busy at her job taking  photos of homes for sale,  and making them look gorgeous.

As of writing this blog, I want to say the old PC is working great but don't want to jinx it.

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