Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Technology part 2...

Anybody who reads this blog regularly most likely saw my post about the trials and tribulations of my computer. Well I will not be deterred. I will forge my way through all this social media and have spent a fair portion of my time recently getting to know the ins and outs of it all. Recently I attended a great seminar at SOFA where we had a 'hands on' presentation and it really shed some light on the subject. Right now I am trying to figure out just how to get all those little icons on my website,blog, linked in etc. I will tackle this and succeed. One great thing is that they can all be attached to each other which will make it much easier since nobody can spend time updating several sites. So once again thanks to SOFA and those who presented.

Pretty soon you will be seeing me everywhere..... tweeting, blogging, and uploading photos. Gotta love this!!

Bye for now... I think I will go and pin or tweet something..........

p.s. I got a new computer for my birthday so now I can really embrace all this social media!!


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