Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inspiration in the name of Fabric.....

I am like a kid in a candy store when I enter a Fabric showroom.  Since I was a young girl I have always loved fabrics.  Back then for doll clothes, moving on to clothes 'pour moi',  and that lead me to take Fashion Design in college.  I really loved working with all the lovely fabrics.  I am now an Interior Decorator and once again I am lucky enough to be back in the world of beautiful fabrics.  I get so inspired whenever I am near fabric.  I could spend many days just going through all the wonderful textiles available in our industry today.  A great deal of my design inspiration comes from fabrics. I see something and my mind start to churn and the next thing I know, I have created a scheme with a few different fabrics and I can envision them in a space.   The textile business has come a long way,  as the saying goes and nowadays there are so many improvements with all the new technology that has been developed, we are now thinking of our environment while having fabric that has improved performance.  I found an interesting fabric from Maxwell that offers a 'Nanotex"  Technology which is a permanent spill & stain protection that does not change the structure of how the fabric feels and functions, yet is totally recyclable making it environmentally friendly.  It is so safe it is used on baby wear.  Now that is a great! 

Oh, but I digress..... I wanted to share some of the fab finds out there from many of the great textile manufacturers, so here are just a few great fabrics.  Don't they just make you want to get out and get some and do something with them??





Decorators and Designers can put different fabrics together in a pleasing manner and create a pulled together space with personality.  Using a mix of plain, patterned, check or stripe can add interest to your space.  This can also help define a room's style.  A room will have a cohesive look if you keep each fabric in the same palette with a common color,  as well as keep in mind the scale of the patterns used. Varying the scale of patterns adds interest and variety as well as balance.

And here is a little look at how they can look when all pulled together.....

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