Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SOFA... Seminar by David Behr

Many people in the Design business spent the morning up at SOFA www.visitsofa.com, attending a seminar by David Behr on the "Characteristics of Top Producers in Any Market - "The YES Attitude".  I was inspired.  What an interesting speaker and a lot of great ideas and many different ways of doing business.  He offered many ways to say what we normally say, but with a different slant, much more positive.  It really was a worthwhile event.  We all want to improve our business and be more motivated.  What David did was give us some tools on how to make some changes that would be pertinent to our individual selves and businesses.  I came away thinking I would really start to put into practice what he spoke of.  Once again, many thanks to the staff at SOFA for another great seminar.

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