Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SOFA Video.....

I was asked to be an "extra" in another video recently and had some fun and met some great people.  This is a video about SOFA - Source of Furniture and Accessories, www.visitsofa.com  who deal with design professionals.  It is an amazing place and I am up there fairly regularly for seminars, trade events, sourcing for clients or working on the CDECA Window.  Great people to deal with. 

Check out the video and think of SOFA the next time  you want something fantastic.  It is open to trade only, HOWEVER, if you are working with a decorator or designer you are most welcome.  Just drop by and view the amazing showrooms but remember to bring  your designer or decorator when you want to make your purchases.

Check out the video.  I am in it about 3 times.  Here is the link.  Hope I did this right!

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