Monday, December 10, 2012

CDECA GTA West Display Window at SoFA....

Every 2 - 3 months a group of CDECA decorators get together and create a 'themed' window display at SoFA,  So far we have done many great 'displays' primarily using the products available at the showrooms located at SoFA along with a few purchased items.  One might think how can several creative people agree on a theme and way to display it, but it works and we have a great deal of fun.  It is a bit of work collecting and then placing the different items, but it is also like playing so to speak.  We receive a great deal of positive feedback from people who work at SoFA and those who come there to do business.  Our most recent display was completed last week and it is...

Setting your table for the Holiday Party Season: 3 different looks- Modern Glitz, Traditional Favourites, and Rustic Charm

Modern Glitz

Traditional Elegance

Refiined Rustic

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