Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Garage Organization and Storage is a common conundrum. We all have so many outdoor possessions these days that we end up using the garage as a catch all and the auto never sees the inside of it.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to maneuver through the garage without tripping on stuff and actually park car or two.

If you want to dream a little,  check out a garage 'man cave' designed by Ramsin Khachi at the National Home Show in 2011, built by Summerwood Products and featuring Ryobi products.

How about a suspended game table?

Two  other unique elements include the small indoor putting green and garage doors that are actually windows, too. The flooring choice here is perfect for a space where you will be using tools, making a mess and bringing in winter muck.

How about covering doors with chalkboard paint to serve as a note board and reminders? Inside houses compost and recycling
No man cave should be without a mini fridge and snacks.  Space for storing tires and bikes completes this space by Ransin Khachi

Now most of us will not be creating a man cave in the garage so if you are interested in proper storage and organization check a couple of suppliers below.  There are many more available on the market at a variety of price points so there is no excuse for a messy and unusable garage.  With Spring just around the corner, this is the best time to think about cleaning out this valuable real estate in your home.  You may even get the car(s) in.

California Closets

Garage in the Dream Home at the National Home Show with
products from Proslat

Saturday, March 23, 2013

National Home Show, Part 1

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was on hand in the Homes Publishing Booth, representing Reno &Decor Magazine, by offering consultations to "Design Dilemmas" this past Tuesday.  Met a lot of nice people and was able to help with their design issues.  It is always exciting to get involved in design and decor projects and have the opportunity to see the projects people are planning.  I never tire of it.  There was even an outdoor dilemma and I love creating good design in outdoor spaces.  I think the outside space is just another room in your home and it should flow as such.

Plan on attending the show to kick start your decorating and design projects and start thinking of any renovations you would like to undertake this year.  We all like to freshen up our homes in spring and then think about entertaining during the summer months so head down to the show.  You will be inspired by all there is to see and come away with some great ideas & advice as well as be knowledgeable about all of the newest products for both inside and outside your home.  Many great experts will be on hand on both the IDEA Stage and the Main Stage.  Don't forget to visit Canada Blooms for even more inspiration for your outdoor space.


This service is being offered throughout the home show and depending on when you plan to be there, you may even have the chance to meet the celebrity designers, like Glen Peloso, Evelyn Eshun, etc

While strolling through the show, I made my way to the Dream Home and the 4 spaces designed by local designers using furniture and accessories supplied by Urban Barn.

Below are the four designer spaces.  Which do you like best?

MODERN ROMANCE BEDROOM by Modern Staging Modern Spaces


A ROOM WITH A VIEW (travel themed ) by Nella Casa  Bella Staging Solutions

A DINING ROOM by Catherine & Davis

And now we have the Dream Home furnished by Casa Life.... Welcoming us with Purple and White Tulips

Master Bedroom

I am returning to the show on Sunday so I can finish my browsing and check out Canada Blooms.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Visit Homes Publishing Booth #5205 at the National Home Show & receive answers to your Design Dilemmas

National Home Show - See you there!

The National Home Show opens today at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place.  This means spring is on the way very soon and I can't wait.  I love to head down and check out the new products and this year I will actually be participating in the show.  I am really looking forward to it.

I will be on hand in the Homes Publishing Group,  Booth #5205 on Tuesday March 19th from 12 noon to 6:00 pm.  Reno & Decor Magazine, one of several published by Homes publishing is offering "Whats Your Design Dilemma" and I will be on hand to answer any design questions you may have.

Stop by and meet guest editors Glen Peloso, Jim Caruk & Mark Cullen!

National Home Show

March 15 - 24, 2013

Direct Energy Centre
Exhibition Place
100 Princes' Blvd., Toronto

MARIMEKKO and all that colour

If you follow this blog you will know that I have been writing all about the influx of colour this season.  We hear about it and see it everywhere from the runways to home furnishings.  One very iconic design that is popping up more and more is the Finnish company, Marimekko which is often recognized by the large bright and bold poppy pattern.  They have many more patterns both large and small and every colour imaginable.

If you are interested,  there is a Marimekko Exhibition at the Toronto Textile Museum of Canada until April 21.  If you miss it you can find tons of items at Crate & Barrel and EQ3 as a start and many other places.  Marimekko began in the 50’s and planned to focus on their fabrics but the fashions they created to highlight the fabrics were in demand.  It was in the 60’s that the over sized poppy print.  Over time, many more colours and patterns were introduced as.  Today we see this design in fashion as well as home d├ęcor items and tableware.

Below are just  few of the great options available and for those who are not quite into florals or too much colour, there are subtle patterns and not so bold colour to be found.  The range of products covers almost anything you can imagine.  Enjoy!