Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Garage Organization and Storage is a common conundrum. We all have so many outdoor possessions these days that we end up using the garage as a catch all and the auto never sees the inside of it.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to maneuver through the garage without tripping on stuff and actually park car or two.

If you want to dream a little,  check out a garage 'man cave' designed by Ramsin Khachi at the National Home Show in 2011, built by Summerwood Products and featuring Ryobi products.

How about a suspended game table?

Two  other unique elements include the small indoor putting green and garage doors that are actually windows, too. The flooring choice here is perfect for a space where you will be using tools, making a mess and bringing in winter muck.

How about covering doors with chalkboard paint to serve as a note board and reminders? Inside houses compost and recycling
No man cave should be without a mini fridge and snacks.  Space for storing tires and bikes completes this space by Ransin Khachi

Now most of us will not be creating a man cave in the garage so if you are interested in proper storage and organization check a couple of suppliers below.  There are many more available on the market at a variety of price points so there is no excuse for a messy and unusable garage.  With Spring just around the corner, this is the best time to think about cleaning out this valuable real estate in your home.  You may even get the car(s) in.

California Closets

Garage in the Dream Home at the National Home Show with
products from Proslat

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