Friday, March 15, 2013

MARIMEKKO and all that colour

If you follow this blog you will know that I have been writing all about the influx of colour this season.  We hear about it and see it everywhere from the runways to home furnishings.  One very iconic design that is popping up more and more is the Finnish company, Marimekko which is often recognized by the large bright and bold poppy pattern.  They have many more patterns both large and small and every colour imaginable.

If you are interested,  there is a Marimekko Exhibition at the Toronto Textile Museum of Canada until April 21.  If you miss it you can find tons of items at Crate & Barrel and EQ3 as a start and many other places.  Marimekko began in the 50’s and planned to focus on their fabrics but the fashions they created to highlight the fabrics were in demand.  It was in the 60’s that the over sized poppy print.  Over time, many more colours and patterns were introduced as.  Today we see this design in fashion as well as home décor items and tableware.

Below are just  few of the great options available and for those who are not quite into florals or too much colour, there are subtle patterns and not so bold colour to be found.  The range of products covers almost anything you can imagine.  Enjoy!

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