Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Target has arrived!

Target has finally arrived .  I have always enjoyed a little 'cross border' shopping and made a point of stopping into Target whenever I was in the U.S.  Well with Target coming to Canada, and all the talk, I decided to pop into the new Target Store that opened in Milton.  Not bad.  It was what they refer to as a 'soft opening'.  Many shelves were still empty, awaiting more products but what I did see was just as across the border.  I was more into checking out the home decor section and taking photos so I didn't compare pricing but it didn't seem too bad.  I found the prices to be fair and on par with other retailers selling comparable product in Canada.  I will go again when they open more stores in April and do a little price comparisons.

As with the Target stores in the U.S. they are clean, bright and staff are very helpful.  We now have the opportunity of shopping Target without the wait at the border. 

Target brings us many interesting products.  Of course I made a beeline to the home decor section.   I found the Nate Burkus collection among others.  Most people reading this post will most likely know of Nate.  He is a designer from the U.S. and was first known to us through his appearances on Oprah and now he has his own show as well as his line of home decor products and the recent publication of his book.  

One thing I am seeing everywhwere this spring is a lot of COLOUR and so glad to see it.  Makes us hapy just like the sun does.  Below are  some items you may like that are very colourful.

Happy shopping!
Brightly Coloured Photo Frames
 Bright Dishware
 More Bright Dishware
  Bright Baskets for organizing
 Keep those bright baskets coming...
 These were pretty
 Nice colourful and scented candles
Colourful Toss Cushion
 Colour Coordinated Decor Accessories
 Plaid throw Rug
Some of Nate's Items
More Nate Burkus 
Nice decor items
A nice woven storage ottoman

Now some outdoor products

So many Cushions
 more cushions
 and more
A reasonably priced outdoor grouping
 Bright, colourful and fun gardening products can make work fun!

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