Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Don't forget to sign up for the Vendor Showcase being held at SoFA on May 29th.  This year there are several very interesting seminars being held throughout the day at different times so you can potentially have the opportunity of attending all of them.  Below is the invitation and further down is the list of available seminars remaining.  They are being filled up so if you are interested,m register today by visiting SoFA and checking the Events Tab.

SOFA Presents: Vendor Showcase 2013 Seminars

May 29, 2013
New This Year....
  • Ventilation 101
    Session 1: SOLD OUT
  • Learn How to Best Deal with Contractors from Start to Finish
    Session 1 & 2 : SOLD OUT
  • 3D Dream Design by ViewIt Technologies
    Session 1 & 2 : SOLD OUT
  • Landscape Seminar: Designing Inside Out
    Session 1 & 2 : SOLD OUT

Seminar:Profit Success for Designers, Suite 209 Marketplace, Beauti-Tone Seminar Room
Time:1 pm to 2:30 pm
Are you blessed with a flair for fashion? Do you love bringing happiness to customers? Discover how you can: Attract More Quality Design Clients Show Window Fashions, Upgrade to full service & Earn 50-60% PROFIT Sponsored by the View Window Fashions

Seminar:Selling Blind Motorization is Easier Than You Think, SOFA Design Lab, Session 1
Time:2 pm to 3 pm
Hosted by Allterior Design

Seminar:Selling Blind Motorization is Easier Than You Think, SOFA Design Lab, Session 2
Time:3 pm to 4 pm
Hosted by Allterior Design

Seminar:Ventilation 101, Suite 206
Time:2:30 pm to 4:00 pm
What Every Kitchen Designer Needs to know! Hosted by Distinctive Appliances Inc.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


For any readers who follow me regularly you will know I do a monthly post for Wicker Emporium and have recently written for Reno and Decor Magazine and both of those articles were on the topic of Spring Decorating though different in focus. One spoke to getting the indoors ready for warmer weather and the other was dealing with outdoor decor.   Spring and Summer are my favourite times of the year as I love being outside and will remain out there until the temperatures are so cold, not even a warm throw keeps me warm.    My neighbours have seen me out spray painting and planting in my garden when a few flurries were starting so you know I am an outdoor person in warm weather that is.  Since I have written and given ideas on the above topics I thought I would just share some great photos I found of outdoor areas that might get you in the mood to get out there and create your own oasis.  Some are very elaborate but some are quite attainable. Check them out!  I am now going outside to work on my own garden


  These are some photos I took at my friend Brenda's home last summer.  The lush gardens were created by her husband Keith who has an amazing green thumb!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Whittington's Speaker Series

Last week many in the design world attended a lecture on The Psychology of Furniture for Designers hosted at Whittington & Co.with Gordon Peteran a professor at Ontario College of Art and Design and an award winning artist and scholar. Aside from the presentation we enjoyed a light lunch and had the opportunity to browse the showroom.  Tony Belbeck & Dan William, furniture designers at Whittington also joined in the conversation about designing and making exceptional furniture.

Below are some photos of their latest pieces .....

Friday, May 10, 2013

Art Deco Period and Styling.....

The Great Gatsby film being released in its 3D version May 10th, is bringing back the sparkle and dazzle of the Roaring 20's in fashion, home decor known as Art Deco and creating an overall glamorous appeal.  I read the book way long ago and saw the remake of the original in 1974 with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, and now I am looking forward to seeing the newest version with Leonardo and Carey.  This movie has been made previously in 1926 and 1949 and each time gets more glitzy.   In looking at trailers on line, it promises to be an interior decorator and former fashion designer's candy store. This movie is rumoured to be another Baz Luhrmann over the top creation and a visual feast.   Wonder if I should get out my long pearls??

I have written an article on this style of decorating, which is being published in the on-line version of Reno & Decor Magazine, so if you like this style,  you can check out at www.renoanddecor.com,  under Articles.

Below I thought I would post some of the photos of the sets from the movie followed by some inspiration photos of this iconic Art Deco Decor Style and how you can get the 'look'.

I love this

If you are interested in 'getting the look' of this period, here are some examples and some are quick similar to those found in the movie.  During this period smooth surfaces, exotic materials and repeated geometric forms were found in Interior Design & Decor.  We see straight and curvy lines, geometric and abstracted shapes  as well as decorative details.  Art Deco is bold, colorful, showy and dramatic. (much like the movie).  In general look for geometric and abstract shapes & patterns, sun motifs, chevron.  Colours were intense and strong, like dark brown, beige, red, black, green, gold, silver, and my favourite white on white.

 Sun Motif used in clocks and mirrors

Animal skin area rugs were seen and placed over a plain broadloom carpet or directly on hardwood flooring which found parquet to be popular at the time.

Animal print with the glitz and sunburst motif popular at this time
Abstract/Geometric patterned carpet

Animal Print area rug

Black and white tiles were commonly used in this era and below are seen in a washroom

Furniture was made with straight (sometimes curved) clean lines. We also saw the addition of Glass and Chrome; as well as Lacquered furniture which creates an elegant style.  Exotic wood, veneers and inlays were  used to create bold statements and rooms with a sense of drama. Upholstery was anything from plain to geometric patterns in dark, strong dramatic colours.   Tassels were an added trim on cushions. 

Lacquered Tables
Ornamentation was kept minimal in order to create this modern look, however when used, it was bronze or other metals.

Another treatment was the stepped profile seen above in the metal sconce and below in this chair

Wallpaper used during this time would have been dramatic and may have been geometric pattern, chevron or the ever popular stripes.

 This curved mid tone wood inlay bed is similar to that in 
Jay Gatsby's bedroom

To end my Art /Deco post, I am adding this photo which incorporates many of the elements described above.  I love this space.  I hope you enjoyed reading this post on the Art Deco period and now,   off to the movie.......