Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Designing with Animal Print

I think everybody loves a little animal now and again.... I mean animal print but of course we all love animals too so I am talking about 'faux' animal print.  We see it in Fashion and of course Interior Decor and Design follow fashion.  It never really goes out of 'fashion' whether clothing or home decor.  Too much can be overwhelming and a little tacky but done correctly it can really add the Wow to any decor.  

Animal print can be found in a variety of decor items such as upholstery, area rugs, stair runners, toss cushions, bedding, towels, wall coverings,  accessories, case goods, lighting, sinks and vanity tops and even outdoor products.

If you are a little unsure, try a very small item like a toss cushion.  Below are some photos I found of the many ways we can decorate our spaces with animal print.  Browse through them and perhaps you will become inspired to add a little 'animal' to your home.  Enjoy!


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