Thursday, May 16, 2013


For any readers who follow me regularly you will know I do a monthly post for Wicker Emporium and have recently written for Reno and Decor Magazine and both of those articles were on the topic of Spring Decorating though different in focus. One spoke to getting the indoors ready for warmer weather and the other was dealing with outdoor decor.   Spring and Summer are my favourite times of the year as I love being outside and will remain out there until the temperatures are so cold, not even a warm throw keeps me warm.    My neighbours have seen me out spray painting and planting in my garden when a few flurries were starting so you know I am an outdoor person in warm weather that is.  Since I have written and given ideas on the above topics I thought I would just share some great photos I found of outdoor areas that might get you in the mood to get out there and create your own oasis.  Some are very elaborate but some are quite attainable. Check them out!  I am now going outside to work on my own garden


  These are some photos I took at my friend Brenda's home last summer.  The lush gardens were created by her husband Keith who has an amazing green thumb!


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