Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cobi Ladner visits SoFA

I recently attended a presentation at SoFA, and sponsored by Canadel by Cobi Ladner on the importance of "Branding".

I think most people have heard of Cobi Ladner, formerly of Canadian House & Home Magazine.
Cobi gave a wonderful seminar on how she created her own personal brand.  She spoke about how people today want a "look" and I have definitely been hearing that around the home decor community.  Actually recently someone said it to me about a location in which to live.  They didn't like the feeling or look of the area, even though it was perfectly acceptable.  We are striving to have our own look and a feeling when our homes.

Cobi left the magazine to pursue her passion of 'fun, colourful and affordable' home furnishings which include everything from furniture, fabric, drapery, lighting, pillows, accessories, throws, teapots and soon to come bedding.

Cobi's name also stands for " 'creation of beautiful ideas'  which she completely believes in, has embraced colour and her presentation dealt with creating your own brand as she has.  One must build their brand.  How people decorate their individual homes is what your home says about you.

Cobi talked about other famous brands and how they identify a distinct product or person.  As decorators and designers we need to be building our brands.  It should reflect your own personality and a feeling we create.   We need to be individual and promote our personal style.

Below are a few photos of Cobi's style

Another photo op for me but for some reason I look sad?  I wasn't though ,
maybe just looking a little off??

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