Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Historical Sackets Harbour over Labour Day Weekend

I recently spent Labour Day weekend down in Sackets Harbour, USA.  It is a quaint and beautiful little town bordering Lake Ontario, specifically sitting in Black River Bay.  Sackets Harbour has quite a history, going back in time and was one of the sites of the war of 1812.  The main street is lined with beautiful architectural buildings and several shops and restaurants.  We stayed in the Marina Inn at Madison Barracks which is one of the country's oldest military bases and stands overlooking the bay.   There are several old abandoned buildings which are now being refreshed into living quarters and several new buildings being erected with the look of the older style.  Our spot was lovely and we could sit outside our room and see the water as well as walk a few feet to a little bistro which had outside dining overlooking the water.

The revitalized  "Marina Inn" at Madison Barracks

 One of the abandoned buildings.  Love the Turret                                                                                                                                                                                  

 and another just waiting to be refurbished into something great

This one has an interesting entrance.  I hope they can do something with it

Some of the lovely buildings on the main street



Hubby and I - he always closes his eyes...

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