Thursday, October 24, 2013

Busy in Decor

Last week was once again a very busy week for moi!  Having returned from Thanksgiving weekend way way up north and full of Turkey, Ham etc, etc.... thanks to my daughter whom I now refer to as the new version of Martha Steward, I began another full week of design and decor.

The Window Committee I am part of transformed our window at SOFA into a 'Ladies' Boudoir'.  I made a visit to Toronto to stop into some of the great showrooms along King St. East and a whole lot more.  

In our recent window display, we went for an understated, elegant and lovely spot where a lady would like to rest her tootsies and unwind.  Thanks to the wonderful showrooms at SOFA we were able to source all of the items necessary and then we each contributed a few little bits and pieces to bring it together.

This group of decorators have been working on windows for a couple of years now and we have done 13 window displays.  We do this as a way to promote CDECA as well as a fun way to be creative without the budgetary constraints we face when working with clients.  We love clients, but it is also fun to just 'let go' and decorate.  There have been different members of this little group over the two years but the mainstay members are still working to create something that shows what we do as decorators.

I want to share with you who we are.....

Deb Darlington - Darlington Group
Debra Schaaf Clark - Schaaf Interiors
Jasmina Coffa - Interiors by Jasmina
Audrey Macdonald - Creative Interiors
Jeannette Wisby - Design Savvy

Thanks to our past members as well for your contribution.

Marianne Kearney - Marianne Kearney Design
Christina Mogk -
Heather Wallace -
Dorota Amirmansour - Dorota Decor
Karen Stephens - Karen's Creatives

Here is our recent window....   If you would like to see the others, click on the tab "GTA West Window Displays at SOFA"

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