Thursday, October 3, 2013


If you are reading this you most likely will have seen me mention this event on my face book and linked in pages.  This year I am participating in the challenge where everyone involved was given the challenge to recreate/up cycle an old door into something new and useful.  Don't forget to vote for me...

I had tons of ideas at first but then realized I had to select a door that I could carry and that would fit in my vehicle so that changed my thinking a lot.  I decided on a light weight door which I in turn created a fun Child's Creative Art and Organization Centre.  I had so much fun checking out what could be found at the Habitat Restores and a Reuse Centre I am familiar with.  Basically everything on my project is recycled except the tiny white board and chalk.  One doesn't find used chalk usually.  Some of the pieces I picked up were really ugly but I picked off the 'uglies' and sanded, painted and made them look good.  There was a box with tons of wooden cylinders with holes in them that nobody at the Restore  knew what they had been used for originally but I had a 'lightbulb' moment and took them off their hands. They were painted and the alphabet attached to them and they now adorn the top of my creation.   I also added a couple to the bottom to be used to hang a bag or hat on.   Below are the before and after photos .....


 Opps!     I forgot to take a before of this little basket

My Final Creation

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