Friday, October 11, 2013

Retro, Reclaimed & Vintage

These days we are hearing terms like “Reclaimed, Retro  and  Vintage” when talking about home furnishings.  The show "Mad Men" has brought the era back into our lives making the retro 60's style a modern decor trend.  This style brings back a time of simplicity.

Another factor driving the popularity of this style is the younger furniture buyers.  This younger generation want a home and do not want clutter or the formality that their parents would have had.  There are more women with more buying power who are more involved in selecting and purchasing the furnishings.  Technology plays a large part as well as our concern for the environment.  Our living spaces are much smaller with many younger adults choosing to live in big cities in very small condos.  The drives the need for smaller profiles in furnishings as well as multifunctional pieces.  People want to streamline their lives and moving away from the large, bulky furnishings to a more contemporary style.  This is not only the younger, first time home owners but our empty nester population are leaving the large suburban homes with traditional styling and moving into condos and selecting more contemporary pieces as well.  Less clutter in the home, leads to a feeling of relaxation.

Retro and Vintage furniture are green on many counts. The finishes, though not originally non-toxic, have finished off-gassing so they are safe for indoor air. By buying or using inherited vintage furniture you rescue it from going to landfills. Since it has survived so many years, it has a chance of being well made and therefore durable.  If you are purchasing a “retro look” piece it will be constructed by today’s standards keeping in mind the importance of our environment.

Furniture design is similar to fashion in that designers gain inspiration from the past and fuse it with modern details and inspiration. If you are looking to “update” your home with retro furniture but don’t know where to start, take a look at some of the pieces available through Wicker Emporium.

Have you noticed the infamous 60’s inspired sunburst mirrors are gracing the walls of your latest home interior magazines along with retro clocks, and other home décor accessories?

When we look at the huge lean toward Reclaimed furniture pieces which has gained popularity for several years now, we see it not going away but gaining in popularity.  Cutting back on carbon footprints during the manufacturing process while creating spectacular, one-of-a-kind pieces distinguishes reclaimed wood designs from all of the mass-produced products on the market.   Barn board is back with a vengeance.

Salvaged wood can be incredibly sturdy and durable, while minimizing the impact of the forestry industry. From refurbished and revamped furniture to recycled vintage accessories, solid wood designs are made to stay with a timelessness that will last throughout future generations of style.   You do not have to sacrifice quality or style in order to be considerate of the environment.  Unique pieces are one of the great ways to furnish your home and let your own individuality and personality shine through.

A few samples of the Reclaimed furniture in showrooms lately.  Below are authentic pieces, however there are many great repros of the look available as well

And now a few of the retro pieces

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