Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Creating incomparable interiors with Eric McClelland At SOFA

I wanted to share my thoughts on this event which I attended a month ago but have been very busy in a good way - clients, working a little on my own home and getting ready for spring.

I attend many seminars, events, showrooms and trade shows in order to keep abreast of new and great ideas in the Interior Design and Decor industry.  We can always learn something new and sometimes we just need a little refresher to bump it up a notch or get inspired.  I have met and listened to many of the local celebrity designers and come away with the knowledge that they are all very approachable and willing to share what they have experienced.

I recently met Eric McClelland at a SOFA event and found him to be an engaging speaker with much to share on the topic of "Creating Incomparable Interiors" so that you stand out, not to mention how amenable he was to chat after and pose for pictures.

I, along with everyone else in attendance came away feeling uplifted and ready to 'get creative' and do marvelous things.  If you ever see Eric's work you will understand what I mean as he has an innate way of creating amazing spaces.  Eric is co-owner of Fleur-de-lis Interior Design in Toronto.

Of course I had to have photo with Eric

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