Sunday, September 14, 2014

The great Beauty of Paris,

I recently vacationed in France.  As with other European cities I have visited, it is filled with history and wonderful architecture.  Having studied this in college, I am of course incredibly interested in viewing it first hand.  My first stop was Paris and nothing can quite compare to that!  Loved it and will be going back.  So much to see and not enough time.  What I did see was amazing.  I had a list and was able to accomplish some of it.
The buildings, the bridges are all so old and so fantastic.  I was really taken away with the intricate carving I saw everywhere.  Imagine our very industrial and practical bridges in comparison to the intricately carved bridges all along the Seine. Statues everywhere. Very ornate, very beautiful!

A stop at the  Galeries Lafayette  offered much more than expected.  Consisting of several buildings along Boulevard Haussmann.  It was so huge I only really visited one of the buildings. Must go back there for sure - lots of goodies!  From the second floor there is an amazing view of all the other floors with once again intricately carved and painted balconies.  The top of the building has a beautiful stained glass dome.

All of the floors viewed from this point  

Of course one must see the well known tourist attractions - The Eiffel Tower, was named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built it.  Eiffel lived in an apartment at the top of the tower for many years. 

A statue of Mr. Eiffel at the base of the tower                                                                                

Views from the top of the Eiffel Tower

On a stroll up the Seine we were able to view the 
intricate details of he bridges.  So magnificant!

Notre Dame 


After our visit to the Cathedral we made our way down to the Archaeological ryps of Notre Dame which links to the Paris Catacombs which run for miles under the historical secton of Paris.

A view from the crypt out to the river

Looking out at the river from down in the crypt

Jardin des Tuileries


A visit to Versailles is definitely worth the lineups.  Having studied this I was prepared for it's grandour and beauty but wow!! it is overwhelming in person.
 Famous Hall of Mirrors

An intimate dining space 

And set up for formal

Champs Elysees - The famous shopping boulevard was all and more than expected. We spent out last night in Paris after returning from Cannes and strolled down the boulevard with a light rain falling,  just like in movies and art. Unfortunately all my lovely photos are on my tablet which is out there somewhere unknown...

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