Thursday, March 5, 2015

Small Space decorating....

Small space decorating tricks by Karl Lohnes

Keep colours and tones similar

When you decorate with all light, medium or dark tones you create a visual flow that allows the eye to roam without being stopped; creating the sense of a larger space. Keeping every decorating element similar will make your space feel much larger. Take note: this is the trick that designers use to make those tiny model suites feel larger.
Allow one focal point per room

Allow one focal point per room

Best areas to zero in on: Head of bed (behind the headboard), Bathroom mirror & light sconces, Television over fireplace or Console table in foyer. Note: if your focal point is visually weak, enhance it by painting that wall a different colour.
Home decorating going vertical

Go vertical

Drawing the eye upwards in a room is as important as guiding it around a room as it encourages the eye to travel. Drapery panels, floor lamps, an étagère and even tall plants help. Note: an easy way to add vertical lines to a room is to hang your artwork in a stacked manner instead of side-by-side.
Add some sheen to your home

Add some sheen

Reflective surfaces like glossy countertops, stainless appliances, glass coffee tables and glassy paint will reflect light around the room and visually open up dark walls and corners.
Furnishings should be double-duty

Furnishings should be double-duty

Any investment furniture piece should provide at least two services: the console table that acts a desk, the ottoman offers storage, using a comfy dining chair as additional seating. 

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