Friday, March 6, 2015

The Bathroom Reno continues....

I posted a long while ago that we commenced to renovate our master ensuite but didn't get around to posting any of the finished work.  I will go back to the beginning when the shower wall collapsed, thus requiring immediate resusitation.  I didn't have the time nor the cash to completely overhaul the entire space as I did require a working shower asap so it was done in a couple of stages.  New shower, new toilet and then the major portion of the labour finally completed to include all new floowing, upgrading the tub tile and fixtures, the dressing room flooring, cabinetry and all the fun things that follow.  We are still not entirely finished as I am in the process of selecting a heated towel rack.  Have a look at the before, during and after pics.....

               The old shower was completely removed and reconstructed
Before was not too bad but not functional with carpeting and only one sink
During this reno everything was moved into an extra bedroom.... what a mess!!
Great tilers working away


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