Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Flooring - Laminate

Laminate is considered a carefree and affordable option for floorings.  It is also extremely durable and can replicate stone and hardwood.  Laminate is a great choice if you have pets.   

The means of attaining a laminate surface begins with a high resolution image of hardwood or stone flooring.  These images are then printed on paper and together with a wear layer are laminated to a substrate made of high density fiberboard.  These days laminate has come a long way in looking more realistic than ever before.There are many options of different wood species.  Many laminates have greater repeat lines which offer a more realistic appearance as well.  They also have different widths printed on the design. Additionally you can purchase those that feature embossing which follows the wood grain and there will be a texture.  Laminate is a good choice where moisture considerations prevent use of solid hardwood like a lower level basement.

Caring for laminate is vacuuming or sweeping.  There are special laminate floor cleaners for stubborn stains.  Installation of laminate is easy and can be a DIY project.