Monday, February 22, 2016

Outdoor Living - Creating your Outdoor Kitchen

Creating your Outdoor Kitchen

When we think of an outdoor kitchen we should think about our indoor kitchen.  What do we like or not like about the indoor kitchen which can be related to how you create your outdoor kitchen.  An outdoor kitchen takes a lot of planning.  You need to think about many factors including the type of cooking you will do – charcoal, smokers, pizza ovens, gas/propane and then the other aspects; chilling – will you want a refrigerator, ice makers, water, counter top for preparation, bar, seating, and storage.

Ultimately the look is important and how all of the elements fit together and of course your budget. As in creating your indoor space, you should select one element/area to be the focal point and build around it.  Keep in mind the following – Fence lines and setbacks; the type of greenery; lighting, landscape currently in place; accessories.  Also keep the location of your barbecue so that the smoke does not drift into the seating area.  Don’t block views when you select your location as the view and surrounding floral and greenery add to the ambience.

Create this outdoor space with attention to details and incorporate appropriate furniture.  Will you have a roof over your kitchen? What type of flooring will you want?  Think about your indoor kitchen and try to incorporate some of the best features of it to your outdoor kitchen. 

The addition of the outdoor kitchen and appropriate sitting area to your home will give you many years of enjoyment.  Outdoor kitchens, when done right can add to the value of your home.

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