Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spring has Sprung

I haven't been writing for a while as the design business has been busy, however today offers some time.  As I look out to the beautiful sunny day I really feel that spring is finally here.  As we approach a long weekend many will be opening pools, going to open their summer homes or purchasing and planting our summer flowers and tending to our gardens.  As soon as it is possible I am outside with a throw and some heat, enjoying the outdoors which comes and goes much too quickly for my taste.  As we have been cooped up indoors it is a welcome change to be outdoors.  My own deck awaits me.

As we freshen up the outdoors we need to think of inside our homes and freshen them up as well.  I like to change up my colour scheme with accessories.  You can put new cushion covers on your toss cushions; change up your throws from heavy to something light and bright. This the time to take up any heavy and dark area rugs and mats and perhaps replace with summery sisal ones.  Pull back any heavy draperies and let the sunshine in. Wash and open your windows for some fresh air. Bringing in some flowers adds to the summer theme.