I have always loved the idea of meeting and talking with those wonderful people I looked up to known as Interior Decorators and Interior Designers.  I had followed many of them on TV and in magazines before I went back school many years ago and obtained my credentials as a Certified Interior Decorator.   They always had so many great ideas and I love great ideas.  In meeting them at various events I have found them to be extremely friendly and gracious in posing for photos.  Here a few I have met over the past few years and was able to talk with for a few minutes and not only are they really  talented but very nice and welcoming people.  In looking at the various photos I have firmly decided to never go back to my natural hair colour of dark brown.  Staying light .....

Barry Dixon, September 2015 at The Decorating Centre's Annual Trade Show

At Nick's Ella and Eve DIY night 2015

At Brentwood 2015

At SOFA with Eric McClelland 2014

With Lynn Spence at Wicker Emporium December 2013

With Nicolas Rosacci at TIFF Fall 2013

With Sharon Grech at TDC Trade Show Fall 2013

With Bryan Baeumler at TDC Trade Show 2013

Bryan Baeumler at Summer Event in Oakville
Summer 2013

Lynn Spence at Wicker Emporium, May 2013

With Jane Lockhart at Toute Suite Event, April 2013

With Cobi Ladner at SOFA Spring 2013
(not sure why I made such a face??)

Jamie Alexander and colleagues at SOFA, Spring 2013

Jamie Alexander at SOFA Fall 2012

Glen Peloso at Brentwood 2012

Janette Ewen at Brentwood 2012

'Striking a Pose' with Nicholas Rosaci 2012

     Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault 2012 (not liking this dark hair of mine)

Brian Gluckstein at IDS 2012

Tommy Smythe and Mark Challen at IDS 2012

With Karl Lohnes at CDECA AGM 2012

    Kimberley Seldon at Brentwood 2011 (I seem to wear this necklace often; guess I like it)

 Chris Hyndman and Steven Sabados at IDS 2011
Suzanne Dimma IDS 2011
Alfred Sung at IDS 2011
Ramsin Khachi at SOFA 2011
With Karl Lohnes at SOFA 2011 (more of this dark hair of mine, never again)

With Yannick Simad at TDC Event 2011

With Jane Lockhart 2011
Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan at National Home Show 2009

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