Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Marriott Resort & Spa

Lucky me - I was treated to a weekend away with my girlfriend at The Marriott Resort & Spa on Lake Rousseau www.jrosseau.ca and enjoyed our time in Spa Rousseau.www.sparosseau.com . Wow... it is so relaxing and beautiful everyone should do this at least once. The location in one of the most desirable resort areas of Halliburton takes your breath away. This resort has taken customer service excellence to another level. Everyone is on the same page and you are treated as though you are really welcome and they want to do whatever it is to make your stay wonderful. There are so many activities you should check out the website at www.jwrosseau.ca.

A welcoming entrance

 This waterfall is at the main entrance and there is a fire pit where guests can have drinks while enjoying the fire and roast marshmallows

A view from the back of the resort
 The lake beyond

The Spa was the main draw for our weekend getaway and it is absolutely fabulous.  I have never been  pampered so much.  We spent Saturday lounging, reading and relaxing in the whirlpool to be followed by the best massage and then off to the notable Robin Barker Salon www.robinbarker.ca for a new hairdo.  Robin's salon is know in Toronto's Yorkville area and will soon be opening up in Oakville at Dundas & Third Line.
Dinner in the both The signature Teca Restaurant was another delight as was the grand breakfast buffet the next morning in The Cottages Restaurant.

Below are some photos of the public spaces within the resort - lots of room to relax.....

One of the nicely appointed guest rooms

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