Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kimberly Seldon & Maryisa Czsarski

For anyone who has had the pleasure of attending a seminar with Kimberly Seldon, you know how entertaining and humorous she can be in getting across her messages.  Well Thursday evening was a stand up comedy routine with Kim and Maryisa entertaining and educating us in business practices, hosted at the Decorating Centre in Burlington.  I can't begin to describe it but the entire 150 attendees spent a couple of hours having so much fun learning and we were literally laughing until our sides hurt.  The two of them together were something else.  You would think they were performing together on a regular basis.  Having heard Kim solo, she is quite the funny lady indeed and if she ever tires of Design, she could definitely make a good living in comedy.  All that being said, they both had a ton of very excellent advice and knowledge they imparted to us.  We all took away some great ideas for our own businesses.

Now I really will think twice about my business of Decorating and keep in mind the business plan a hooker has and how well they do in comparison. (just an inside joke of Kim's - you had to be there).
I was having such a great time that my photos are not up to their usual standards.....

A lot to be learned from those ladies!  

Italian Walk of Fame Gala

Here I was on Labour Day morning relaxing when I received a call from a friend who was involved in the Italian Walk of Fame and what great news - he had two extra and complimentary tickets for the Gala that evening at the Riviera in Woodbridge.  Well as any girl who loves to dress up, eat great food and meet celebs I was right on it.

I got gussied up with hubby at my side and had the chance to meet some of our famous Italian Canadians - such as Roberto Luongo the great goalie who won the Gold in the 2010 Olympics; Connie Stevens, still beautiful and so very gracious; Roberto Nero that yummy and incredibly handsome actor most noted for his role years ago in Camelot but recently he added some eye candy to the movie "Letters to Juliet"; and then one of my favourites from my youth - Bobby Curtola, who is the most energetic, happy, friendly and charming person you could meet.  Got a couple of pics posing with them, but alas when he popped a big kiss on me we didn't get that shot.  Oh well..... a wonderful night.

 The honorees cutting the cake

Yours truly with Bobby Curtola

 and the lovely Connie Francis

Another great event at SOFA and another photo op - this time with Ransim Khachi

The room was filled with decorators and designers waiting to hear from Ransim Khachi speak about 'Connecting with your clients'. What a genuine person and just as nice as what you see on Cityline. I believe we all came away with a different way of looking at how we do business. I know I felt this seminar to be extremely valuable.
Ransim takes his business seriously and respects his clients, but he is able to add humour to what he is speaking about.  What a great time we all had and of course he was gracious enough to pose with all of us for some photos.

Yours truly, Ramsin and Linda Kafka, Director of Marketing at SOFA
Here we are again with Christina Mogk on far right

I was greedy and got a pic with just Ramsin - this one goes into my album of famous designers

Wicker Emporium is NOT just Wicker - it is so much more

Our GTA West Chapter of CDECA had our first Fall season of events and meetings at a new local decor store - Wicker Emporium. They graciously offered to host our event and provide us with information on their vast array of products as well as provide a lovely wine and cheese . I have mentioned this great source in a previous blog and it is a must see.  They offer great products and every greater price points.  Within the GTA there are 3 locations in the GTA - Colossus Centre in Vaughan, Heartland Centre in Mississauga and Dorval Crossing in Oakville.

Below are the managers of the 3 stores along with the district manager


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little jazz, a little vino, a little food & a lot of fun...and you have the Lewiston Jazz Festival

For anybody who enjoys Jazz, the Lewiston Jazz Festival is the place to be.  Every year we make our way down to it and enjoy a wonderful time tasting the many different offerings of food and wine the area has to offer.  We can check out the different musicians along a several block area and just sit down and relax.  The weather has been in their favour over the past 3 years that I have been going and it is warm, sunny and fabulous.  Whether you want to try the many different food choices along the sidewalks or have dinner in one of the many great restaurants it is all great!!

A slightly blurry view of the street crowded with Jazz lovers - and this was taken before I had wine!!

A favourite of mine - The Tune Babes - April Mazzone & Lynne Fredericks