Thursday, September 22, 2011

Italian Walk of Fame Gala

Here I was on Labour Day morning relaxing when I received a call from a friend who was involved in the Italian Walk of Fame and what great news - he had two extra and complimentary tickets for the Gala that evening at the Riviera in Woodbridge.  Well as any girl who loves to dress up, eat great food and meet celebs I was right on it.

I got gussied up with hubby at my side and had the chance to meet some of our famous Italian Canadians - such as Roberto Luongo the great goalie who won the Gold in the 2010 Olympics; Connie Stevens, still beautiful and so very gracious; Roberto Nero that yummy and incredibly handsome actor most noted for his role years ago in Camelot but recently he added some eye candy to the movie "Letters to Juliet"; and then one of my favourites from my youth - Bobby Curtola, who is the most energetic, happy, friendly and charming person you could meet.  Got a couple of pics posing with them, but alas when he popped a big kiss on me we didn't get that shot.  Oh well..... a wonderful night.

 The honorees cutting the cake

Yours truly with Bobby Curtola

 and the lovely Connie Francis

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