Monday, April 2, 2012

Off to Cuba for some sun, fun and rum.....

I finally thought it was time to get away and enjoy some of the hot sun in the islands so off to Cuba we went.
Sunset from the plane

Aside from relaxing, reading and just taking it easy, I did manage to visit some small, local towns along the way and saw first hand how the local people live and enjoy their wonderful hospitality.

We hired a driver for the day and off we went to Remedios a historic town founded in 1515 by the Spanish to experience what the 'real' Cuba was like and to see the many old buildings. On the way, we passed through Cai I love taking photos of old architecture.  Here are some of my photos.....baraien, a small fishing village founded in 1832

 On the causeway to the mainland for some sightseeing and local hospitality
 Some of the beautiful buildings in Caibarien, Cuba
Large statue of a Crab which is the symbol of the town

We then proceeded a little further to the larger  town of Remedios which houses two of the oldest churches in Cuba in the main square.  The main attraction of this plaza is the colonial Grand Church called "Iglesia Mayor" San Juan Bautista containing 13 beautifully decorated gold altars. On the north side of the square sits the town's other church, Iglesia Buen Viaje, the less fortunate. Remedios is the only town in Cuba with two churches on its main square

 Inside the grand alter is comprised of gold leaf entirely 
 A view of the side wall with a traditional pulpit for sermons
 Anything in this church that is the colour of gold was gold leaf

 A view of the vaulted ceiling
 View from alter to back of church with its simple rows of pews
And now for my collection of doors... I love old architecture and always take photos of doors, windows and old buildings

A peek inside one of the town's historical hotels

A very old but working pharmacy - people were lined up to pick up their medications
An old neglected Grotto
Moi & hubby

The Town Square Park
 Casa Colonial La Paloma, Remedios - a lovely B & B where we were treated like royalty and had the most amazing seafood platter along with other traditional Cuban fare.  This home in the centre of town, across from the town square has been in the owner's family prior to it becoming a
B & B.


 Enjoying a local traditional Cuban lunch with friends

 Our host family
Back to our lovely resort - the complete antithesis of Remedios
Our last evening enjoying a wonderful seafood dinner
Our trip to the airport via bus took 90 minutes and we passed some typical cuban homes.  It really depicts just how much poverty here is in this country.   
 Some of my photos will appear blurry as the bus was moving and it was raining.  And then there is that little detail that I do not take great photos anyway.....

Finally, we are at the Santa Maria Airport in Santa Clara which can only accommodate 2 airplanes at one time due to its diminutive size

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