Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Magical Wedding

This is the summer of weddings, at least for me!  I love weddings and all the magic.  I recently attended a "Magical Summer Wedding" of a niece and it was so dreamlike.  The bride and her sister pulled off the most incredible event at Knollwood Golf Club, situated in the Ancaster countryside.  It is something out of a fairytale or a magazine that anyone might dream of,  but this was very real!  Situated among the trees with gorgeous views of the surrounding area,  under the twinkling stars it had a lovely and relaxed authentic country charm.

The day started with everyone in a large marquis tent set up to represent the chapel with the most unique 'alter' I have seen.  The groom's parents constructed a latticework structure and as per bride's vision, there were rustic wine barrels on either side with mason jars filled with coloured water and white flowers.  So simple, yet so lovely.  There was also an endearing sign above the structure with the phrase - "This is where our story begins". 


 Following the service, guests were shown to the bar area just beyond and scattered amongst the trees where cruiser tables, chairs and wine barrels which were decorated with the same mason jars  filled with flowers as well as some other interesting memorabilia as old washboards leaning against trees, wooden boxes and various other rustic antique pieces which added to the warm and relaxed atmosphere the bride and her sister the event planner were striving for.  She had large tissue paper flower balls hanging from the trees along with solar candles and lanterns.  The bar, under the trees  was offering any type of liquid beverage you could wish for along with the signature wedding cocktail - the 'Marry Me Mojito', and very tasty it was!!  Scrumptious and elegant Hors D'Oeuvres were also served. 
 When the wedding party returned from their photo business, we were led into another extremely large marquis tent where the tables were set up in the same fashion.  Surrounding this space was what was left of an old stone wall, most likely a building as there is a extremely large stone fireplace at one end.  Along the wall which had broken away over the years to be a little zig zaggy, which gave it real character, sat more mason jars with candles inside. 

Upon entering this lovely space we were greeted with a gift from the Bride & Groom set up on a table which had yet more objects of the rustic nature including photos of their parents and grandparents on their own wedding days,  old wooden storage boxes, a blackboard within an old frame with the menu posted and an old window frame on an easel with photos of the Bride & Groom as children.  Really quite a nice way to welcome their guests.  Once inside we could see the millions, ok, hundreds?? thousands?? of mini lights strung everywhere to create a magical experience when the sun went down.

Our tables (below) had old memorabilia including mason jars with the white flowers, old classic books stacked and white lanterns - such character.

We enjoyed incredible food and then danced the night away under twinkling lights, candles and stars.  What could be better than that on a July night!!  Cait & Cara you did a magnificent job of creating a magical event!!

All the best to Cait and Jay for a wonderful life together and thanks for inviting me to be part of your special day.

CDECA GTA West Chapter Summer Luncheon

June 21st, the beginning of summer was marked by our chapter luncheon. We had a fantastic turnout including several of our fabulous and supportive affiliates. Our venue was Il Fornello, in Oakville and a great time of networking and just catching up was had by all. What a great way to start summer - good friends and good food!!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happenings at SOFA

June 28th brought many decorators and designers to SOFA, once again for a great seminar from Karl Lohnes.  Everybody seems to really enjoy Karl's great spirit and he has such a way of speaking and presenting facts he keeps you entertained.  You want to know him better.  He has presented to CDECA members in the past, most recently at our annual AGM and we all come away in a 'happy place' thanks to him.

'Another Packed House' to hear Karl Lohnes speak

This event was sponsored by Magnussen Home, who are located in the SOFA showroom area of the International Centre.   Thanks to Linda Kafka and Azma Ousmand for all the work they do to offer us such wonderful seminars with great speakers.

The topic was: 'Keeping the design ball rolling" during the slowest times of the year!  Great presentation.  Karl gave us much to ponder and act upon as well as sharing his recent "status" as an Artist.  Yup, Karl has signed to have his very own piece of art available through CB2, (new store by Crate & Store).  Wow, that is really something and as Karl told us, he just felt like being creative and fun one weekend and someone showed somone,  and someone else and on and on;  just from a little networking and people sharing,  he got the attention of top people at C&B and they loved what he created and voila you can now purchase his artpiece.  Karl shared some other interesting options ahead for him, so keep following. 

A bit of England to celebrate the Queen's Jubliee

I came away with a lot of tips and was glad to have confirmation that some of what he shared, and I have already started, is a good thing.  I believe the reason Karl is so sought after as a speaker and why he captures his audience,  is that he talks to them as if we are all friends just sitting around having a little talk.  He shares situations he has been in and how they generated business and does it such a way that is so down to earth, one feels, Yes, I could try that.

The seminar offered many great ideas and also stressed Social Media, Networking,  the importance of good and honest Communication with potential and current Clients & Suppliers as well as other ventures you can stream into that could be related to your current career as a Decorator or Designer. 

A new focus can also be an enhancement to your current business as well as generate additional income, especially during the slowest times of the year.  For instance a lot of us write for magazines, newspapers, why not a book??  Perhaps you can do DIY projects, sew, paint or any other creative work. 

I am a little late in writing this blog, but now that the hot days of July are upon us I am working on some of Karl's great tips!!  Gonna go and tweet Karl now.......

Technology... Computers.....etc etc.....

Well anyone who knows me well, knows I seem to have a lot of issues with my technology.  My Internet and computer seem to be having a lot of bad days and are always sick, or so it seems.  Recently I had an issue of synchronizing my computer to my blackberry.  It had worked in the past but for some reason it wasn't in the mood to cooperate now, so I spend hours trying to figure out what was the matter.  I really wanted to solve this myself, but alas after no success I had to ask my hubby and he is usually quite expert at these things, but he had no luck either.  We were stumped so the next day I called the computer shop I go to and they said bring it in now, it is a 5 minute process.  I was delighted but felt a little at odds that if it was so simple why couldn't I fix it??? Well a full afternoon later, yup it wasn't the 5 minute process, I now have my computer and blackberry back home and synced!! Many thanks to Cheng who was determined to find out what the issue was and who stayed late to get it done.  Talk about super excellent service!!  He did explain what it was and as usual is was some problem with RIM software not being comparable and up to date for the newer version of windows on my computer.

Ok, I am a happy person and think things are going good with the old PC and then Wham!! I download an update for my adobe that 'comes a callin' and usually it does it's thing and the computer has to be shut down and restarts.  It didn't this time and instead I get a horrible message on a totally black screen and for over an hour I try to restart the thing to no success.  So once again I am on the phone to my great PC Shop and Cheng, (the other great IT guy there) tells me to bring it in right away and when he sees it he says it could mean the hard drive is shot.  I panic.  He does a little something and it is up and running.  Big hug to Cheng.  I get home later that evening and guess what - that horrible message appears again.   Now I really think I must put a curse on computers.  My talented daughter who seems to know her way a round computers quite well is visiting this particular night and she goes to work and fixes it and explains why it happened, etc, etc to which I am so grateful.  More Hugs and this time Kisses to Meg as well. 

Soooo if anyone wants an excellent computer Shop, then contact Dave or Cheng at  PC Shop Computers, 579 Kerr St., Oakville, 905-844-2113.  They offer excellent service, pricing and are incredibly smart to boot!! 

Sorry but Meg is not working on anybody else's computers, just her mom's as she is busy at her job taking  photos of homes for sale,  and making them look gorgeous.

As of writing this blog, I want to say the old PC is working great but don't want to jinx it.