Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jamie Alexander shares Spring 2013 Trends from High Point

This morning I attended another fabulous event hosted by SoFA and was so inspired by the presentation by Jamie Alexander who has an incredible knowledge about Design, Working with Clients and is great to listen to.  He shared many points on how we as Decorators and Designers can work maintain control over our projects with very excellent tips for us to follow.

Some of the topics were - 

- New Trends
- Trends "Gone Wild"
- Suppliers in the "New"
How to sell furniture to your client
- From your office to their home
- From your local retailer to their home
- When the client takes over the online deal

Seeing is believing
- selling the piece without the client touching the piece
- choosing fabrics with an end result you and your client is happy with
- the basics of case goods
- Your "Go To" list the supplier listing you cannot live without 

The second portion of Jamie's presentation dealt with the 2013 Trends he spotted while at the recent Highpoint Furniture Market.  Here's some of what you will be seeing...'
  • Refined Asian done in black (not high gloss)Antique & reclaimed pieces - New Antiques that are created to look like real Antiques by using some of the old furniture making methods
  • The reclaimed look is still strong however it is new pieces made to look very old
  • Room Divider Screens which makes sense with the popularity of the Open Floor Plans today
  • Art that represents Architectural images, prints
  • Tufting is still big and staying that way
  • Faux Fur - not only throws or area rugs, but now on sofas, ottomans
  • French Style - but with new finishes and fabrics; more updated
  • Retro reborn,  e.g. the Arc Lamps
  • Colour is now found on Walls, flooring and accessories and large pieces of furniture is neutral
  • Wing Chairs made more tailored and smaller
  • Mixing metals is still hot - hammered and matte finish.  Gone is the high gloss silver
  • Trunks, tins, boxes
  • Lots of pillows on sofas
  • Mirror, inlaid pieces on lamps, black mirror used on furnishings;  Lacquer is out

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