Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TIFF has come and gone ....

Once again TIFF has come and gone and we know it to be one of the exciting events in Toronto in the Fall. This year I was invited to one of the parties and it was my first time. The city is so alive with people and stars mulling around.  A fellow decorator and I attended the party at The Windsor Arms Hotel last Thursday and met up with some other colleagues. The evening started with a panel discussion by Tommy Oliver, Stephen Bruno, Nicholas Taborak, and Nicole Quenqua from the movie industry discussing the different aspects of the industry.  It was very interesting to hear the Q and A's surrounding the Film Industry and this great Film Festival.  We can be proud of our city and country in general as we received such positive comments and I was so proud to be a Canadian taking part of an event is such a great city.  Over and over I hear the same phrase "Canadians are so nice".  I was at a seminar earlier that day and the speaker from the US said exactly the same thing.  

Of course the party that followed was a lot of fun.  Must go to more of them next year and see more of the movies as well.

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