Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bathroom & Kitchen Galleries PLUS Fab Electric Fireplaces

During the very busy time just before Christmas our GTA West Chapter had a fantastic time at our last meeting of 2013.  Thanks to Alina Butromeleva's (Showroom Manager, Vaughan) along with Patrick Pienkosz and several other staff,we were welcomed by our new affiliate Bathroom & Kitchen Galleries (our new affiliate member) into their fabulous showroom in Burlington.  They have several throughout the GTA.  

This event was a two part - the first being a very enlightening presentation by another of our wonderful affiliates - Jeanne Grier from Stylish Fireplaces by Huntington Lodge.  Jeanne offered many building, renovating and decorating tips with Electric Fireplaces. They have come a long way from the old days and are very Eco and cost effective which is very important,  not to mention they look great and offer styles from traditional to very contemporary. The electric fireplace of today is so realistic and can be moved to work in any area of the home.  Below are some pictures of both contemporary and traditional style electric fireplaces available.


The second part of our evening was geared to the gorgeous Bathroom & Kitchen products available and carried by B & K Galleries.  The showroom tour brought about many oohs and ahhhs from the decorators.

To top this off we were treated to a wonderful array of refreshments and incredible prizes.  Every decorator was given a bottle of wine to take home to celebrate the season.

Thanks so much to all at K & B. 


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